Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Myers family mausoleum in Atlantic City

I went to a family wedding in Ocean City, New Jersey in November. It was a delightful wedding, and the first time in at least ten years that all of six of my cousins were together at the same time.

But Atlantic City has a special place in my family history. Back before the Depression, the Myers (in fact, Charles Rudolph Myers I, whose name has been passed down for multiple generations; that is why I am Myers IV) owned a number of the hotels on the boardwalk. One of remaining artifacts of this time is the family grave site in the Atlantic City cemetery. It is on Black Horse Pike on the mainland, just across the bay from Atlantic City.

The mausoleum can be found very close to the main office for the graveyard (my Uncle Dan is standing next to the sign). The site itself is quite large, capable of holding 16 caskets, and it appears that less than half are occupied.

I have a few other images of the grave. The next three pictures show the site, first from a distance, and then up close.

Finally, we have the three living Myers males in from of the mausoleum. From left to right, it is Charles Rudolph Myers III, Charles Rudolph Myers IV, and then my uncle Daniel Myers.


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