Thursday, April 05, 2007

Transdniestria, Moldova, and Russia in American Media

Peter, who's in the Peace Corps in Moldova, made a few complaints about the lack of coverage of Moldova's simmering conflict with Russia in Transdniestria in western media. I was quite surprised when the March 22 edition of Time magazine had an article and diagram of all of Russia's conflicts. One of them was Moldova and Transdniestria. To get the full impact, I did copy the graphic from the magazine (click on the picture for a full-resolution PDF).

It may not be the highest item in American media, but it does get noted occasionally.

A few bits of background on Transnistria include Tod Lindberg's Turmoil in Moldova, a bulletin from the US State Department (kind of dry, but gets the basic facts), and a bibliography by the Library of Congress. Also, the US State department has a good summary of Moldova, including the history of the Transnistrian conflict.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Charles Myers said...

There is some progress on the Transnistria conflict between Moldova and Russia. You can see more of the detail on


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