Monday, February 12, 2007

Two loud cracks in the back and I'm almost "right as rain"

If you've seen me lately (and I actually went to the office on Friday), you'd notice a few interesting things:
  • My right shoulder was noticeably lower than the left
  • My right shoulder would pop up when I went to raise my arm in front of me or to the side (I was barely able to get over horizontal
  • I wasn't able to turn my neck more than 50 degrees, which makes right turns in a car interesting
Then I did an experiment in the middle of last week. I laid down on the floor on my back, and felt pain across my back, including what felt like a plum-size stone under my shoulders near the base. Not fun.

Then on Thursday 2/8 I bent over to pick something up, and did it more by bending over than using the legs to squat. I heard a loud crack as all of my neck and upper back. I didn't notice a major change in the way I felt (but I was able to raise my arm 20 degrees over vertical)

Sunday 2/11 brought a new experience. I was at my desk and turned and twisted and bent over a bit to insert a DVD in my Mac Mini. I was greeted with another loud noise in my back; it was so loud that I paused for a minute or so. But then I found that I was able to raise my arm both in front and on the side. Pure excitement. I feel 100% better, and Ann can tell you that I'm smiling for the first time in a while. I'm finally feeling like I'm getting better. I've since found that the official term for this is that my back "released;" I'll take that any time.

I don't think I am out of the woods completely. I did the "lay on the floor" test just now, and I'm probably at the "right as sleet" level. I still have a few rough spots in my back, but it is lower down. Abatement of pain and mobility are both going in the right direction. Today will be an exercise in pain as start moving in ways I have not for a month. But a bit of pain to get to a better place is fine by me.

So, all in all, I keep getting better. I'm still on soft food and doing physical therapy twice a week. The scar is looking better, and my beard has finally been trimmed back. I'll post a picture soon.


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