Sunday, April 01, 2007


This blog has been a tale of woes and medical wonders for the past three months. I'm now ready to put this behind me. It is time to start the rest of the year, and even the rest of my life, on a less eventful basis.

I'm tempted to look back on these three months and think of all of the pain, lost time, and recovery. But I had a great bike ride in January (saw a coyote on my way into the mountains... always a treat) before my crash. I've had great, but short, bike rides as I have recovered. I had a wonderful Indian meal with co-workers before food poisoning struck and started. And I was not writing in pain from my gall stones: this is supposed to be a very painful experience, but now people look at the big scar on my face and say "you must have a high pain threshold." I guess they figure that I ride a Harley also.

Thanks to friends and co-workers for the supporting emails, get-well cards, and visits in the hospital. The wonders of finding a co-worker who became a nurse, and was a student nurse one of my days in the hospital. And for people at work filling in for me as I have disappeared for weeks.
Thanks to the medical profession for the great respectful care. This is true for doctors, surgeons, X-ray technicians, and even the people who draw blood and insert IVs.
Thanks to Medical Science for CAT scans, MRI's , and incredible procedures like ERCP and Laparoscopic Surgery (see previous post). Also thanks to physical therapy for helping to bring me back, and Chiropractors for fixing my twisted back.
Thanks to Ann and my family I've put you through a lot, but you were always there with smiles, phone calls, and encouraging words.
Thanks to God for rapid recoveries I find the way that the body can heal to be nothing short of miraculous.

Also, if you ever need some hospital tips, I'm told that the meatloaf is a good menu choice at Good Samaritan's (you get to pick your food from a menu... great for a hospital). Have the nurse inject the Demerol slowly to prevent nausea. And get out of the hospital bed and walk as much and as often as you can.


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