Friday, April 13, 2007

I Love New York

I was in New York for an IDEAlliance board meeting today, and happened to walk through the corner of 42nd and Broadway on Thursday night. I decided to cross the street to where a street musician was playing his saxophone on the corner. I listened to his music while waiting for the light, and realized that I recognized the music. He was playing, and playing well, Meatloaf; in fact, he was playing "Hot Patootie" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This was followed by "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," which is both a classic and nontrivial to arrange for saxophone. I ended up having a short conversation with him, and left a few bits of folding money instead of just change in his instrument case. You won't find this at 10:30 at night in San Jose.

Gotta love it.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Meatloaf was on the Bat of out Hell III - Seize the Night tour, and was scheduled to play at the Garden that night; however, the show was postponed until mid-July due to illness. Arranging the music for sax and the entrepreneurial spirit both deserve praise; it's more than your normal view of a street musician.


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