Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cycling plans for 2008 and beyond

2008 looks like it will be a great year. I managed to not have a major biking accident on registration day for Sierra to the Sea, so I am registered for this and looking forward to it. While I love biking on its own, it's even easier to train and get [back] in shape if you have a goal like this in mind. The web site has a media library for past years, but there is a wonderful video from 2006 (minus the squirrel) that captures the spirit of the week well.

My other major event for 2008 will be my sixth year of Waves to Wine, a two day charity ride for Multiple Sclerosis on September 13 and 14. More details on this when I sign up and start fundraising.

Finally, one has to dream about the next big trip. Mine will be my next three week sabbatical from Adobe, which I'll extend to 5 weeks. The bulk of the time will be spent cycling through Alaska on the Great Alaska Highway Ride. I'll determine something fun to do with Ann before or after, as I am sure that she won't be doing the ride with me. I have another three years to plan it all out.


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