Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Launching Myers 2.0

It's a new year and time for a fresh start. 2011 was not the finest of years, and it ended with the decision from Adobe that the product line I had worked was not the strategic direction of the company. My position was eliminated, as it was for hundreds of others on the same product suite. It's unclear where I'll go next, but I'm excited to see the opportunities within Adobe as well as that wide world outside.

It may seem from the blog and Facebook for my Facebook friends that I have been spending my time biking and cooking, but I've been quite busy beyond that. I've decided on a rough direction for myself, which is roughly product management, but using what I have learned from work with the field organization, partners, developers and customers. Now I just have to find a place that matches my talents and interests.

I've always been active in social media, but much of this was internal to Adobe or fostered indirectly through a group of talented and dedicated people that reported to me. I've known how to do this, but have not done it all myself. It's exciting to have the time to personally discover this, so I have been applying my efforts to my own social media channels. I have had this personal blog for five years, but I want to keep this to my own thoughts and experiences in life. Professional life falls outside this, so I needed to open up new channels.

I now have at a number of new professional addresses.
  • LinkedIn - my profile is up to date and ready for action
  • Bad Hyphen - when grammar goes bad, or how to see some humor and learn from one's mistakes
  • Exceptional Customer Experience - my observations as a consumer and a product manager on life as a customer
  • Twitter - while not totally business and professional, the intent is to be predominantly professional
I also have a set of personal addresses.
  • Random Routes - this personal blog
  • Facebook
  • - this is a placeholder at the moment, but it will eventually become my personal website where I can post videos and play with technology. My current my priority is finding a new career venue.
Please leave me your comments, add LinkedIn recommendations, or tell your friends about me, my talents and skills and point them to the addresses above. And here's to a productive and employed 2012 for all.


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