Thursday, December 15, 2011

Word spaces should be dropped at page boundaries in the NY Times iPad application

This may seem like a small thing if one isn't into type. But the New York Times iPad application has an interesting flaw at page boundaries. It didn't show up on the iPhone, as it just has continuous text.

But what you can see in the picture below is that there is a word space at the beginning of the first line on the page (and the page is page two of a multipage article). It is there just to the right of the big red box, in front of the first word of body copy "will."

Note that this would not generally be blog material, but I had to have a reference with the image to include in my email to the Times. So you all now have a bit of typography education.

I love the application, especially the iPad edition. I just wish they'd fix this minor bug.

Note that the NY Times fixed this bug sometime in May or June, 2012. I didn't see release notes, but was pleased to notice the clear left alignment when I opened my iPad recently.


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