Friday, December 30, 2011

The street view of solar panels on the Myers house

I blogged about solar results two days ago and people inquired about the appearance of the house and roof from the street. That's easily solved with a few photographs.

The first picture is the overall street view. There are panels on the part of the house on the left, as well as over the garage: neither are visible because they are in profile. The panels on the main body of the house, over the kitchen on the far right, are visible from the street, but not when you walk up the front walk. Ann had some significant comments on aesthetics, "I don't want our house to look like the space station." The last three pictures give a bit more detail of each array.

These five panels are over the kid's bedroom. It turns out that they are the most consistent producers on the house, as there is little shading from trees.
This is a closeup of the arrays over the garage (left) and kitchen (right). They get a bit less light because of shading from our neighbor's trees. During the winter solstice, even a distant tree can shade late in the day.
And finally the array over the garage.
You can see that they are unobtrusive. Now we just have to get rid of the DirecTV dish on the front left of the garage.


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