Thursday, December 29, 2011

Homemade peppermint faux oreo cookies

I need some tangible distraction from the world of resumes, LinkedIn and Twitter. One of the ways I have been spending my time is with recipes that I would never have tried in "normal" times. The latest concoction came from my favorite King Arthur Baker's Companion Cookbook, called Faux-reos. I didn't have black or dutch process cocoa and had to do the filling with red food dye and peppermint extract rather than crushed peppermint pieces. But they were wonderful. And yes, the filling for the cookies would count as a "double stuff" cookie.

One note to the wise: every recipe I have done from the cookbook was wonderful. However, you will not find low fat or other recipes here: they are all wonderful buttery recipes that call for the finest ingredients. It all shows in the results.


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