Sunday, December 13, 2009

Closing off the charitable mailing labels and other mail to deceased parents

Ann's mom, whose mail is forwarded to our house, receives 1-2 charitable requests/day in the mail. These come from many groups including such well known organizations as the Disabled Veterans of American, CARE. We've tried to contact the organization to have these terminated and have not had success.

I was reading a direct mail publication from the USPS and saw an article on the Direct Marketing Association Deceased Do Not Contact registration service. They maintain a database of deceased people for the sole purpose of removing names and addresses from the marketing lists of nonprofit organizations and other direct mail groups.

We knew that Ann's mom received many such mailings from non-rpfit firms; she had a drawer full of return address labels that had been sent to her. Theough the DDNC list, we now know how to have these cease and save some trees.

Taking up a new cause in my blog - dealing with the affairs of a decesased parent

You've seen from my blog that my father and Ann's mother passed away in the past year. We've been learning many issues about settling estates and affairs after death, and I wanted to be sure to pass these along. One of the key reasons for this is that I don't see these described in the typical financial publications or materials that funeral homes, churches, or estate lawyers distribute.