Wednesday, June 07, 2023

ALC Day 4: Paso Robles to Santa Maria (and we're half way there)

Day 4 was another long day.  I did finish this in 2019, but was one of the last people in.  I had missed the cinnanomn roll stop, as they had closed, so it had been a lonely day.

This year was much better.  The first rest stop was a wonderful opportunity for team pictures, so I snuck in as an unofficial photographer. I don't know the name of the team in the first photo (I got the back of their jersey a few days later, with references to buttered muffins that I need to understand better).

This second picture was the Funky Monkey team, which was one of the largest teams. It's impressive to see such a larger number of matching kits.  

Halfway is a big celebration. Do watch the video for a few surprises.  I was there as a guy from Boys on Bikes stripped his jersey and shorts off for the picture (and a strategically placed sign) to the cheers of the group. I knew that this was going to be a major picture day, so I wore my Silver Surfer jersey, something from Peal Izumi in 1996 before Marvel started doing major licensing within Disney.

Here's me halfway.  I didn't feel the need to hold it over my head or climb out on a rock.

I also did make sure to take photos of the roadies at lunch and rest stops 3 and 4. In case you need an explanation, lunch was "I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok" by Monty Python, rest stop 3 was the Can Can and 4 was Moulin Rouge. Everyone working at 4 was in matching costume, so I did a picture with the food roadies rather than stage.  The cheap perfume on these two ladies stayed with me for the next 10 miles.

It was another good day to ride. I finished strong, and have great memories of two riders in the bike parking of rest stop 4 singing along with the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, as they knew all the words. Spontaneous moments like this are part of what makes the ride that are not captured in the video, but just part of my memories. 


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