Wednesday, May 24, 2023

There are turkeys on the road!

I did a quick ride on Tuesday as I was recovering from Sunday. My major lesson of the weekend is that while doing lots of hills, I had not been doing the steep (12+% grade) to build my physical strength and peak heart rate. I will now work my way up to doing further distances up South Park Drive, which gets steeper as you go.  You can see my route below; it was an easy ride of less than an hour... just enough to keep the muscles working.

As I rode home, the surprise was the one male and three female turkeys in the middle of the road on Wildcat Canyon Road.  The male was threatened by me and went into full display. I love the wildlife, whether turkeys, rabbits, quail, or coyote, and I see them all regularly. But none are as spectacular as this American classic.



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