Friday, April 21, 2023

It's time to start blogging again

It's funny when you look back on things and realize how long it has been since you touched a property. 

I haven't written content here since 2018.  Life got more interesting after that year.  In early 2019, we decided that we'd had enough of living in Los Gatos (a nice 24-year stretch) and moved to Berkeley. One of the reasons is that we wanted to be closer to Peter, Oravanh, and their two boys. It was hard to have them 90 minutes away if traffic was good.  They are now 20 minutes away, so we can see soccer games, school concerts and the like.  We sold our Los Gatos house in mid-June and bought a house in the Berkeley Hills that we knew would need some work.  

I also kept riding, doing the AIDS ride in 2019 in June (545 miles in seven days)as well as the MS Waves to Wine in September (150 miles in two days).  I resigned from my spot at and decided to go back to consulting life.  Little did I know that Covid was around the corner.  I think we all know how that worked out. And it was especially challenging with construction starting on our remodeling in January 2020 and having numerous quarantine and other rules slow things down. 

I did start working at a startup, Capital Rx, in May 2020 and have been there since.  

And you'll be hearing more from me again.


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