Friday, June 09, 2023

ALC Day 6: Lompoc to Ventura

This day was just a bit more of a long riding day than others on the ride.  I was glad to be on my bike again after yesterday's wheel issue. I also learned a few nutrition items as I didn't eat enough food on day 5 after my ride was interrupted; I kept getting close to bonking all day no matter what I ate. But, even with those challenges, I rode well all day and finished strong. Here are a few things of the day.

Virgil, LD and me at the truck in the morning. They had fun in pirate garb.

The ride into Santa Barbara was great. But just a few miles down the road, the Santa Barbara LGBTQ community has been throwing this ice cream stop (Paradise Pit Stop) for years.  A choice of eight different ice creams, toppings, and coffee.

A bit down the road was a water stop. Here are my pics with a mermaid and a traffic director as a triggerfish. Creativity can be flashy or subtle, and I took on an appreciation for both. I will say that while I am proud of the 40 pounds I lost, today's pictures make it clear that I have at least another 20 to go.

People have asked me what roads we ride on.  Much of day 2-5 were on secondary or country roads. But day 6 started on route 1 and then merged with 101 which we followed to Ventura.  Day 7 got a bit better with route 1 instead of 101. So it wasn't a "stop for pictures" day.  Some exceptions were that there was a wonderful two lane bike trail next to 101 coming into Ventura. 

The evening ended with a candlelight vigil on the beach by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, whose origin stories include one of the first AIDS candlelight vigils. They have been a presence at each ride. You can see five sisters in the middle of the circle as we did a silent remembrance. I also took a few pictures as it became darker, and people took their candles to the sea.

And here's the official video of the day, showing a few more rest stops

3: Top Gun at Santa Barbara and the 

4: Jurassic Party (4: one big dance party)


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