Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Cyclist's Dream Girl

I recently found a new cab driver, Paul, in San Jose. It happened when I dropped by the Fairmont early one morning in downtown San Jose, and he was working on his Mac laptop in his cab, instead of jawboning or sleeping like most cab drivers. It turns out that he's a student at the local community college, and is driving as an easy enterprise (and I will say that a $100 cab fare to San Francisco airport is a plum fare).

I've had three rides with Paul now, and last Friday we talked a bit about bicycles. It turns out that he is both a road and mountain biker. He also asked me if my spouse was a cyclist. I gave my normal response (my wife has better bikes than I have but doesn't like riding with me because I am too fast, etc.), This is not unique to me; it is the state of many avid people on cycling endurance events (century rides or more server rides like 400-500 miles in a week across California or Nevada); it's a common topic at a dinner table. We have all tried to get our spouses interested, made sure that the spouse has a better bike, and any other incentive we could imagine.

Paul made a confession to me of what one of his fantasies was about his dream girl. He wanted to have her come to the bedroom one morning, wake him up with a bowl of fresh fruit, and suggest that they go out for a morning mountain bike ride. But while he desires this, he can't ask her, because then she'd do it just to please him, rather than it being from the heart.

It was great to have this moment of bonding with another cyclist.