Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guided steps for Adobe matching funds for MS

A number of Adobe people have had problems finding the MS Society for matching funds. Rather than more words, I thought that a pictorial view of what to do would make more sense. The four steps to start the process follow. Click on the thumbnail image to get the full-size view. If there are still issues, email me or comment on this blog entry.

First, log in to the Matching Gifts website using your Adobe ID.

Then type in the string "National Multiple Sclerosis Society" and hit "Submit."

You'll see a long list of organizations. Pick the National Multiple Sclerosis Society with the location San Francisco, CA (see the red box on the screen) and hit "Select."

And then you'll get the detail on the selected organization. You should see a screen identical to this (see organization 5502) and the hit "Submit." The rest of the process should be very clear.


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