Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Strange noises at a bicycle ride water stop

As reported on Facebook, I did a fifty mile bike ride on Labor day. The temperature was 90+, so I made sure that I stopped for water at every opportunity with the goal of keeping both quart-size water bottles full.

One of the places I stopped was Santa Teresa High School in San Jose. Any cyclist will tell you that schools always have outdoor water fountains; I rode around the deserted school to find a water fountain. One place I pulled into was a dead-end outside entrance to a cafeteria. There were two large steel doors and full length windows on each side of the doors.

Then I hear a strange thump. Since the sound reverberated off the walls, I could not determine the direction.

Then another thump. A few seconds passed.

And thump again. I couldn't figure it out.

Then I looked down by the door and saw a frightened squirrel by the window. He ran six inches away from the window and the then ran straight towards it. Another thump. The poor animal was so frightened of me and was trying to run through the force field of glass. I felt sorry for him and rode away as quickly as I could to leave him in peace.


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