Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Umunhum restoration is in the news again: time for the public to be heard

From past posts, you've seen that I have had opinions on opening up the old Almaden AFS site on Mt. Umunhum for a while. There has been steady progress on the environmental remediation and cleanup of the base. But we're now at the point of public hearings on three options for the tower
  • Tear it down and restore the mountain;
  • Leave the foundation and part of its walls to create a public gathering place;
  • Leave the tower intact and make it available for viewing.
There are hearings coming up, with the first on Wednesday evening, 7/18/2012, in Cupertino. I encourage you to attend, or at least sign the petition at To be clear, I view that the last alternative above is the one that should be taken.

Background media on this topic can be found at:
A very informative video from KQED which aired on QUEST TV.
Almaden AFS Home Page


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