Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mt. Umunhum in the news; Time for Action

I've had a love affair with Mt. Umunhum since I moved to the bay area. I drove up the road to the base on the day I declared my heart healed after my heart attack 10 years ago. I rode my mountain bike from Los Gatos to the last gate before the road is closed to the public; I marveled at the incredible views from below the summit. And, as you may have seen, I have blogged on this topic in February 2008 and again in October 2008 and spoken to Mike Honda during my son's campaign for Congress; this was one of the conversation topics as I sat next to Mike on a flight from San Jose to Washington last year.

I was pleased to see a 5x7 photo of Mike Honda on Mt. Umunhum on front page of the local section of the Mercury News this weekend. It was also covered in the San Jose Mercury News editorial page on Sunday. I'd suggest that you read these two articles and then send email to or call your representative or senator as well as our governor. Mike can use your help as he tries to get this cold war legacy addressed and the beautiful park returned to the people.

If you're not familiar with the area, here's a small map from the Mercury News article.


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